Weekly Summary

  • Started work on a patch to NM to update dnsmasq via DBus rather than respawning it on every DNS server changes (cyphermox)
  • Polished some of the session-migration work (didrocks)
  • Worked on the jockey killer (software-center properties integration of devices installation) (didrocks)
  • LibreOffice 3.6.0~rc2 released to quantal -- one month earlier than our first release a year ago on oneiric (bjoern-michaelsen)

  • Ported BrlTTY python bindings to cython (practically no work required other than autotools changes). THis gives us a launchpad to ship python 3 bindings for BrlTTY, whichi Orca can use. (TheMuso)

  • Tracked down some bugs related to netboot d-i installation on pandaboards, however not all bugs have been ironed out yet. All of this is a result of me trying to set up quantal on a pandaboard using an external USB drive.


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update


  • Unity/Compiz/Compiz-plugins-main SRU tested and uploaded in precise. Will like be the 12.04.1 version
  • Work with PS on the compiz gsettings migration. Got a migration script ready to migrate most important values from gconf to gsettings.
  • Work on gnome-control-center to support the new values now in gsettings in both display and background panels.
  • Start a discussion of what's still needed to do and blocking the gsettings compiz upload:
    • Unity will need some porting for the theme to not depend on metacity theme anymore.
    • There is a blocker on unity-2d which dep on previous metacity, but we do need to update metacity in order to update gnome-control-center and gnome-settings-daemon. But how doing all of that without regressions during the dev release? Unity-2d won't be able to be supported anymore into the distro and removal would be needed (long and complex solutions are discussed).


  • SRU of mesa 8.0.3 for precise was accepted for MRE by tech board (bryce)
  • Investigated Xserver crash handling; pushed a lightdm change to add “-core” to the server command line, which in my testing reliably generates apport reports on crashes. We can improve these reports with a bit of post-processing in the apport hook, but this is already an improvement (raof)

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