Weekly Summary

  • First tests of CUPS 1.6.0 and fixed most urgent Avahi/DNS-SD bugs. Printer sharing via Avahi and AirPrint works now. Also fixed a regression in the last CUPS SRU for Precise which made all Canon inkjets not printing the job's last page completely. Pushed the fix through in one day as SRU freeze exception for 12.04.1. Reported all these bug and patches upstream (tkamppeter).

  • Helped the ARB team with reviewing some softwares for the appshowdown contest (didrocks)
  • Quickly Reboot announced, hangouts and discussion coming around about our default community developer tooling (didrocks)
  • Focussed on NetworkManager dnsmasq integration bug fixing; mainly for 12.04.1, more precisely, having dnsmasq be restarted less often and updated via DBus instead. (cyphermox)

  • Preparing NetworkManager to ship the Vala bindings it now builds (cyphermox)

  • Evolution stack updates and finishing NBS transitions (cyphermox)
  • Added/fixed AutoPkgTest tests for Evolution-Data-Server (cyphermox)

  • Got all bits sorted to get grade 2/contracted braille working again with Orca/Brltty. (TheMuso)

  • Updated orca and at-spi2 stack for latest GNOME 3.5 releases. (TheMuso)

  • More pulse 2.1 testing. (TheMuso)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update


  • New Unity release in preparation this week
  • The g-c-c patches are still blocked on taking a decision about llvmpipe.


  • Nothing new, still upstreaming dma-fence/dma-buf-mgr (mlankhorst)
  • Xorg 1.13 is close to landing and been baking in -proposed. (mlankhorst/tjaalton?)
  • Xorg 1.13 -proposed snapshot is available for propose in ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/q-lts-backports (mlankhorst)

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IRC log Eastern edition

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