Weekly Summary

  • Updated system-config-printer to 1.3.11, there will be no transition to Python3 in Quantal (tkamppeter)
  • Updated Ghostscript to 9.06 final.
  • Removed fontconfig-voodoo hacks and calls to the script from language-selector. Test packages are in https://launchpad.net/~laney/+archive/experimental — please give them a go. l-s itself still ships most of the fontconfig files apart from the georgian ones, as the rest have to be split up and separated out into a variety of other font packages. That's work for the second iteration. (Laney)

  • Quickly reboot continued: good public hangout on air and discussion on the future and Quickly. Discussion with the community teams about new processes. Wrote some summary the hangouts: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Quickly/Reboot (didrocks)

  • Started some Quickly merge reviews as well (didrocks)
  • Released the NetworkManager stack to an unsuspecting world (cyphermox)

  • Debugged a major issue in a potential SRU patch for NM in Precise with stgraber; re using DBUS with dnsmasq (cyphermox)
  • Fixed up dnsmasq to support specifying a custom DBus name to use on startup (cyphermox)
  • Fixed some issues with Bluez starting PAN/DUN connections, and some bluetooth audio potential issues (cyphermox)
  • A new developer package, pbuilder-scripts, landed in precise for those that still use pbuilder. This is a collection of helper scripts to make working with many simultaneous chroots easier. I wrote this for OEM back in the day. (mterry)
  • After much testing, pulseaudio 2.1 is in quantal. (TheMuso)

  • FOund a bug where the volume wasn't being saved on shutdown/restart. Turns out I missed changing the path to alsactl in the upstart files when I merged alsa-utils, so fixed this up. THis was only noticed when one changed the volume, and found that the volume wasn't saved at next reboot. (TheMuso)

  • Started debugging some weirdness with the at-spi stack, where Orca will work properly on first login, but won't read anything on subsequent restarts. (TheMuso)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update


  • Unity 6.2 stack landed into quantal (unity, dee, bamf, unity-lens-applications, unity-lens-music, unity-lens-files, nux) \o/
  • Some continued work in gsettings for compiz and unity. Still wait on a branch for compiz gsettings <-> g-c-c integration

  • Work to prepare all unity-2d removal and compiz/unity transition to gsettings on multiple components (11 components are involved into the transition). See the summary of what was needed into that tracking bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-meta/+bug/1035261.

    • All distro components ready to roll (patches to g-c-c, gnome-session, lightdm transition, unity-greeter transition, unity and compiz migration scripts, g-s-d revert, metacity preparation and checking, unity-2d transition packaging, release-upgrader support for checking if unity-3d is supported during precise -> quantal upgrade, seeds update preparation.

    • As the gsettings compiz is still not ready and the schedule is tight, we will decouple the transition in two phases (slightly more work for us, but manageable): remove unity-2d first, and then gconf -> gsettings transition.


  • Getting patches reviewed (mlankhorst)
  • Follow up mesa 8.0.3 piglit testing. Found some new (reproducible) gpu lockup issues, so will be delaying the 8.0.3 sru (bryce)
  • Updated xdiagnose PCI ID database with latest chips (haswell, tegra, northern/southern islands, etc. etc. chips) (bryce)
  • Assisted Jeff Lane in utilizing xdiagnose xorglog.py module for X driver detection (bryce)
  • Engaging in further planning with kernel team for X stack update in LTS point release (bryce, mlankhorst)

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