Weekly Summary

  • system-config-printer: Tested automatic printer driver download and made it working in all situations, submitted changes upstream (tkamppeter)
  • Software Updater will now let you stop the automatic cache update if you just want to see what updates the system already knows about (mterry)
  • New releases of lightdm and unity-greeter, with some UI tweaks and NetworkManager support in the greeter (mterry)

  • New light-themes and ubuntu-wallpaper releases, including the results of the wallpaper contest (mterry)
  • Prepared upload for ModemManager 0.6 for after beta freeze (cyphermox)

  • Uploaded nm-applet with UI tweaks for greeter, using work from Wellark (cyphermox)
  • Updated NetworkManager documentation pages, including the QA process for NM before upload (cyphermox)

  • Documentation/testing/call for testing for proxy support (cyphermox)
  • Porting gwibber to python 3, with comprehensive test suite, huge code cleanup (robru)
  • GNOME updates


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update

  • Webapps
    • Firefox extension should land after beta 1 pending FFe 1040313

    • libunity-webapps FFe for package installation support 1043461


  • Unity 6.4 landed with coverflow, previews and webapps support
  • Compiz GLES landed
  • Those gave us back a working desktop on arm-pandoboard


  • Proposed to techboard adding nvidia-experimental package for providing beta drivers. (bryce)
  • Proposed to techboard expedited process for releasing the -updates packages. (bryce)

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IRC log Eastern edition

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