Weekly Summary

  • Lot of GNOME updates (didrocks)
  • Cleaning the evolution NBS list (didrocks, cyphermox)
  • getting the blueprints stack back in track (didrocks)
  • Dealing with an uoa unstranslatable issue, see bug 1052375 (didrocks)

  • Further greeter and remote login polish (mterry)
  • Gwibber lens previews, done and will land after the next unity release 1049127 (kenvandine)

  • NetworkManager/dnsmasq bug fixing (cyphermox)
  • Some nm-applet changes for the greeter (cyphermox)
  • Gwibber-service SharedModel magic, obsoletes huge amounts of cruft in gwibber-service (robru)

  • GNOME a11y updates for 3.5.92. (TheMuso)

  • (Hopefully) Tracked down a source of many colord/colord-sane crashes 844286 et al (raof)

  • New nvidia-experimental-NNN package policy accepted at TechBoard (bryce)

  • New expedited policy for nvidia-current-updates approved by TechBoard (bryce)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update

  • Webapps
    • Firefox extension pending FFe 1040313

    • libunity-webapps FFe for package installation support 1043461


  • Had the utouch renaming SRUed in precise and oneiric + the geis stack.
  • Still working with PS on the 6.6 release to sort and align all pieces with new and numerous FFe and UIFe.
    • Also tracking their branch status not complying to the upstream policy in term of tests and processes.
    • compiz and key migrations is still not ironed out. gconf patch posted, but still need a debug fix.
    • all the stack will be released for beta2.


  • Establishing processes for publishing beta drivers via nvidia-experimental (bryce)

IRC log Western edition

IRC log Eastern edition

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