Weekly Summary

  • Made printing via AirPrint from iOS6 (iPhone 5 and updated iDevices) work, LP: #1054495 (tkamppeter).

  • Webapps finally landed in the image (mterry & kenvandine)

  • GNOME updates (didrocks)
  • Debugging Evolution's loading of webkit plugins (cyphermox)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update

  • Webapps landed!


  • Unity 6.6 stack update, with compiz, nux, unity, libunity, lenses and the new shopping lenses.
  • Mostly on track for another release because quantal finale at the end of week (in quantal starting next week)


  • The X stack is fully up to date (see the package status report) and nearly complete for this release. We still await release of the final mesa 9.0, and may pull in a few minor updates (e.g. -nvidia 304.51).

  • The rate of new bug reports has been relatively quiet, compared with past releases. As can be seen in the bug graphs we've stabilized at about 150 bugs. The biggest problem areas are:

    • -nouveau is in the middle of a major kernel driver rewrite which is resulting in flakiness for some people. We're seeing more bug reports than usual against it. Probably not much we can do but maybe we can patch things up as we go.
    • There are a number of crashes in the X server, but not an abnormal amount. A few are reproducible and worth following up if someone has time. The good news is the new segfault handling code is getting good backtraces for us.
    • Scattered GPU lockups still getting reported, but a lot less than in the past. Most seem not very reproducible. Would be nice to eliminate more, but we may be down to diminishing returns here.
  • -nvidia experimental drivers have landed in quantal. SRU of these to precise is in progress. [bryce]
  • Rebuilding my Xorg q-backports stack [mlankhorst]
  • Working on upstream dma-buf synchronization patches [mlankhorst]

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IRC log Eastern edition

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