Weekly Summary


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Product strategy integration

  • Progress on the daily autolanding phase. Now dealing with IS to get the proper ports open and dogfooding with real data.


  • Moved packaging branches inline to the upstream trunks
  • About halfway through modernizing packaging (dh9, --fail-missing, tests, etc)
  • Fixed a lot of upstream issues to get the dailies running again
  • Dealt with glew
  • Unity stack SRU uploaded in both raring and quantal. Precise under preparation with other fixes
  • Compiz got some bug fixes for fullscreen opengl apps like video games. Will be released as part of the precise SRU.

Indicators & Themes

  • Evolution-indicator almost ready to land after being ported to EDS 3.6 / libmessaging-menu, waiting on a CA to merge the last patches upstream if possible. (cyphermox)
  • Started "inlining" indicator-messages, indicator-sound, which should be the first indicators to get ready for the new PS process. (cyphermox)


  • SRUs for:
    • gnome-control-center-signon
    • libsignon-glib
    • webaccounts-browser-extension
    • unity-chromium-extension
  • MIR for webaccounts-browser-extension
  • Working on moving packaging inline with trunk

Open input framework

  • Upload in the distro has broken evince. Fix upstream in progress.
  • Renaming of the oif stack has finished with final package set renaming.


  • Good progress on PPA. Chad is learning that Chromium moves fast. Since UDS, for instance, two source updates that cause the build to fail. Getting automatic pull from #webapps, patches branch.
  • Need to decide whether to follow Debian and transition binary package name to 'chromium'
  • "chromedriver" also packaged, perhaps. Some community and #webapps seem interested.


  • attempting to upstream kernel patches (mlankhorst)
  • attempting to upstream wine patches (mlankhorst)
  • getting q-lts-backport stack ready (mlankhorst)
  • following fallout from 3.7 nouveau rewrite (mlankhorst)

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