Weekly Summary

  • Color Management Hackfest in Brno Nov 9-12 (and the days after): Discussed a lot about color management in printing workflow, reported bugs in Ghostscript, worked out changes for cups-filters, also meeting with upstreams of GTK and Qt print dialogs and they accept the ideas of the Common Printing Dialog. Tested CM on HP PDF printer: Does not work. Tested Nexus 7: Screen color management does not work (tkamppeter).
  • Made Bluetooth on Nexus 7 working using Valgrind workaround: Keyboard works, Bluetooth printer not. Another way to work with Nexus 7: VNC-remote-control with vino/vinagre. Updated Wiki (tkamppeter).
  • Nexus 7: All printing except Bluetooth printer works (tkamppeter).
  • friends-service now has superb libnotify support (robru)
  • Packaging inlining work is ongoing (robru)


Product strategy integration

  • Continue work on the automated build system to push trunk to distro. Code done, workarounding some launchpad issues, new copy workflow for security, jenkins setup and scripted, build sources in a chroot. First landing in the incoming hours Smile :)


  • Finished modernizing build systems of all components (dh9, tests, etc)
  • All components have been prepared for new automatic changelog entries
  • Added new package gnome-control-center-unity to hold the Appearance panel
  • SRU uploaded for precise. quantal still in unapproved after a week.

Indicators & Themes

  • Completing modernizing build system for indicators.


  • Continuing work on moving packaging into trunk, updating to dh9, etc
  • More SRUs coming, unity-firefox-extension, libunity-webapps, webapps-applications

Open input framework


  • Finalizing xorg stack for inclusion. Making sure users can't shoot themselves in the foot easily. (mlankhorst)
  • vdpau decoding for nouveau (mlankhorst, mostly free time fun project)

IRC log Western edition

IRC log Eastern edition

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