Weekly Summary

  • Reported bugs on both GTK and Qt print dialogs to add Bonjour browsing, as upstream design of CUPS 1.6.x is the CUPS daemon to do Bonjour broadcasting of shared printers and the print dialog browsing Bonjour broadcasts of printers in the network. GTK dialog upstream maintainer Marek Kasik accepted the bug and raised it to high priority (tkamppeter).
  • Made a good start on implementing touch support in Orca, unfortunately there has been no movement on upstream discussion with unity/GNOME devs with regards to handling assistive technologies and desktops like unity that want to offer gestures. (TheMuso)

  • With help from the geis maintainers, got the python bindings of geis ported to python 3. (TheMuso)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Product strategy integration

  • Daily landing live! Continue reviewing and bootstrapping branches, as well as fixing packaging issues on the existing stacks. Right now, 15 projects are landing automatically, more to come Smile :)


  • Autopilot tests status slowly progressing. Hoping to be able to push the unity stack daily to ubuntu by EOW.
  • Tracking branch are now shared to http://pad.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-unity

Indicators & Themes

  • libappindicator, dbusmenu, ido currently have failing tests; cyphermox to make sure they get fixed.
  • Inline packaging for the autopilot stack.


Open input framework


  • nexus7: Fixed rotation bugs 1076567, 1076627 [bryce]
  • Fixed x-update PPA builds of -nouveau and -ati [bryce]
  • Proprietary drivers: [tseliot, bryce, raof]
    • Updated nvidia 310 experimental drivers SRU'd
    • Updated nvidia 173 for quantal to work with quantal's xserver
    • Introduced new fglrx-experimental-9

IRC log Western edition

IRC log Eastern edition

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