Weekly Summary

  • telepathy-indicator reviews and cleaning up deprecations (kenvandine)
  • good progress on porting the gwibber client to libfriends (kenvandine)
  • updated qml-friends to work with API changes in libfriends (kenvandine)
  • duplicity data-corruption SRU (1091269) went out, please test (mterry)
  • update-manager can't-upgrade-to-development-raring SRU (1097907) went out, please test (mterry)
  • lots of libreoffice 3.5.7 patch backports done for precise: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice/+bug/1037111

  • libreoffice 4.0 deadlocking: cant testbuild on porterbox without libcmis, cant move libcmis (so-change) from raring-proposed to raring
  • CUPS: Synced with Debian again (tkamppeter).
  • Pandaboard: Printing works correctly with Raring: Server/client, cups-browsed, HPLIP, Plug'n'Print on USB (tkamppeter).
  • xserver and drivers received some minor (bugfix) updates (X team)
  • nexus7: vnc4 fixed to build on armhf (bryce)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Product strategy integration


  • First daily build released! Autopilot tests finally passed clean.

Indicators & Themes

  • libappindicator's test cases finally pass.


  • Updated most of the UOA packages that aren't autolanding

Open input framework


  • q-lts-backport is considered finished and ready for release
  • xserver moves from 1.13.0 to 1.13.1. Some drivers like -intel also got version bumps.
  • Kernel jumped from 3.5 to 3.8. Seeing a spate of new bugs this past week - probably kernel fallout but we're still evaluating
  • vnc4 fixed to build on armhf
  • Investigated fullscreen unredirection driver bugs reported against Precise.

IRC log Western edition

IRC log Eastern edition

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