Weekly Summary

  • LightDM upstream now has a Qt5 version of liblightdm-qt (mterry)
  • Software Updater will now actually visibly prompt you for debconf questions, fixing a raring regression (mterry)
  • Worked on the signon-ui Qt5 port (ken-vandine)
  • Landed the new friends-service written in vala to replace the long running python process (ken-vandine)
  • Found the dee memory leak which mhr3 fixed (ken-vandine)
  • Fixed variant handing in account-console (ken-vandine)


  • Start reviewing/fixing the Qt5 and Qt4-compatible stack, still work on progress (didrocks)

Product strategy integration

  • More UTAH-fun and reliability of daily testing. More than 60% of daily release are failing due to not being able to provision a machine (UTAH).


  • Various FTBFS fixes

Indicators & Themes


Open input framework


  • Set up PPA canonical-x/x-staging for testing of the xserver 1.14 stack
    • Coordinating with Unity developers to update pointer barriers to the official upstream design
    • Coordinating with NVIDIA and AMD to put together new drivers for the xserver 1.14 ABIs
  • Investigated and upstreamed a number of outstanding xserver patches [bryce]
  • Created a package status page for the LTS stack [bryce]
  • Random X bug work [bryce]

IRC log Western edition

IRC log Eastern edition

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