Weekly Summary

  • system-config-printer: Printer driver auto-download working correctly from both GNOME's own printer setup tool and the system-config-printer GUI (tkamppeter).
  • Updates for Feature Freeze: HPLIP 3.13.3, foo2zjs 20130306, foomatic-db 20130308, cups-filters 1.0.30, QPDF 4.0.1. Planned is also Ghostscript 9.07, waiting for update of LCMS, see LP: #1126427, also CUPS 1.6.2 to fix LP: #1069671 (tkamppeter).
  • UDS session about printing: Mobile with reduced, driverless (support for IPP Everywhere/CUPS Raster, PDF, PS, PCL) printing stack, Poppler as only renderer, no GS, if possible daemons on-demand, print dialog in Touch SDK (Blueprint, tkamppeter).

  • Good progress on a LightDM-capable phablet greeter, merge request filed (mterry)
  • Extended qml-friends plugin to make it easier for the core apps developers to use Friends. (kenvandine)
  • Daily releases for friends and libfriends (kenvandine, robru)
  • Gwibber/Friends
    • - We really want to replace gwibber on the desktop with Friends, requires a few features to land to get the new Gwibber client fully functional (this week) then we'll request a FFe (kenvandine)
  • libreoffice 4.0.1 in raring (Sweetshark, bdrung)
  • Pushed through some ALSA SRUs for multi-arch enablement. (TheMuso)

  • Further testing of Qt5 accessibility, and attempting to fix more bugs. (TheMuso)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Product strategy integration

  • cupstream2distro grew its testsuite extensively.
  • Start of integrating support of destination ppa for supporting features branches set. More on that next week.


  • No news is good news, we're puttering along fine.
  • We'll need to land the 100 scopes/smart scopes project in the 2 next coming week. Working on a ppa for that with daily release on it.

Indicators & Themes


  • signon-ui for Qt5 that doesn't break the desktop
    • - mardy is working on webkit1 bindings for Qt5 - I have a backported patch for qt5 that adds xembed support, I'll land that after I get some testing done

Open input framework


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