Weekly Summary

  • Fixed OSK handling during login in signon-ui (kenvandine)
  • Rebased no-widgets work in signon-ui on trunk (kenvandine)
  • Generalized script for adding online accounts in the touch images (kenvandine)
  • Fixed autopilot tests in share-app (kenvandine)
  • Packaging updates to share-app for daily releases (kenvandine)
  • Code review and some cleanup of unity-lens-people (kenvandine)
  • Investigated some raring translations issues (templates missing/outdated, code bugs) (seb128)
  • Updated fluendo mp3 codecs to the partner archive for raring (seb128)
  • Helped fixing some of the universe ftbfs issues (seb128)
  • Patch pilot half-day (seb128)
  • Raring updates and bugs fixing (seb128)
  • Working on bug #1167192 for pulseaudio, currently in the middle of a bisection for this. (TheMuso)

  • Continue work on overall list of tasks that need to be completed to get accessibility working well for a converged desktop/device. (TheMuso)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Product strategy integration

  • Updated process for finale freeze and some introspection on how we can move forward
  • Implemented some new facility for future support (S and R), including version supports.
  • Misc maintenance work
  • Touch starts to finally be bootstrapped! Plan as well some actions to move forward on it.


  • Some inspections on test failing

Indicators & Themes


Open input framework


IRC log Western edition

IRC log Eastern edition

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