Weekly Summary

  • Added API versioning to libhud QML bindings, we should use this practice for all QML binding packages going forward (kenvandine)
  • Ported share-app to use new HUD API (kenvandine)
  • Added uoa-create script to the daily touch images so users have a way to add online accounts until we have a proper settings interface for it (kenvandine)
  • More work on signon-ui (kenvandine)
  • Updated translations, in the desktop packages that don't use langpacks, for raring (seb128)
  • Raring testing and bugs fixing (seb128)
  • Investigated some of the most frequent raring issues on errors.ubuntu.com (seb128)
  • Helped track down a few remaining pulse issues and with David's help got them fixed. (TheMuso)

  • Further documenting and colating of required work for a11y in a converged world, with the ultimate goal of creating a blueprint to track it. (TheMuso)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Product strategy integration

  • define procedure to continue diverging branches
  • some small fixes on cupstream2distro
  • continue investigating some autopilot issues
  • continue working on the touch stack by reviewing/coordinating work
  • planning some discussions for next week sprint


Indicators & Themes


  • signon-ui ported to use webkit2, worked around the cookie storage issues that was keeping us on webkit1.

Open input framework


IRC log Western edition

IRC log Eastern edition

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