Weekly Summary

  • Qt 5.0.2 for saucy progressing. All resynced with Debian experimental, some remaining delta and some may be synced directly. Testing on desktop and device.
  • Qt raring (PPA) patches testing to qtbase and qtdeclarative
  • SDK/ui-toolkit autopilot fix
  • Qtjsondb packaging
  • Qt Creator debugging and fixes


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Product strategy integration


  • Merged in 100-scopes into lp:unity
  • Switched on daily-releasing for all the scopes in head, the Unity stack
    • For now targeting raring - switch to saucy planned soon
  • Work on decreasing the number of AP failures on unity
    • There are more AP failures than before
    • Some HUD failures fixed, waiting for merge reviews
  • Raring SRU handed over to SRU team

Indicators & Themes


Open input framework


IRC log Western edition

IRC log Eastern edition

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