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In order to function well, the art team needs a defined process for the contribution and sharing of information.


A large number of people are interested in the Ubuntu artwork and everyone wants to offer their opinion. Without a well defined process things fall apart quickly.


Clearly define the process. Define all of our information channels and ensure that communication flows across channels. Attract new contributors by reaching out to them in the channels they already use.


Restructure the wiki page to match the other team layout pages (done)

Point to the official info everywhere

Again and again people seem to lack information on how the artwork process works. In order to avoid confusion we need to point to the fact that the Wiki and Mailing List are the official lines of communication. (underway)

Add channels to draw new contributors

In order to gain new contributors we need to allow them to contribute in the manner in which they already feel comfortable with. A gallery (, a flickr group with official tags, and the forum seem to be popular ways for people to communicate artistic ideas which we should also use.

For the community art packages a digg like process could be used to determine which works should be included.

Note: is in the works and should be back online sometime soonish (waiting on code review)

Define roles for communicators between channels

The many varied channels for contribution create confusion and possible duplication of efforts. We need to pick individuals from the community who have shown a talent for relaying information so that information flows between channels.

Developer relations

After artwork has been created it often never goes any further due to packaging and other technical issues. We need to define a process which allows artists to do what they do best (artsy stuff) and developers to do what they do best (technical stuff). By creating one official place on the wiki for all finalized ideas we can present a forum of ideas worth working on for developers who wish to help out.


Most artwork bugs end up being upstream and/or technical issues. We need to organize our effort on triaging bugs and getting the information where it needs to go. Unfortunately many artwork related bugs need someone with technical savvy to really understand where the problem lies. Planning bug squashing days/weeks would help in any case.

BoF agenda and discussion

Wiki, IRC and Mailing list are the official lines of communication

Gallery - ubuntuforums gallery, a.u.c, ??? Flickr Forums - post sticky detailing official communication resources (send to Mike) and ambassadors if people are interested

Meetings every month

Info needs to flow back--to this end ambassadors are needed A plan to "cherrypick" or grab valuable people from flickr, forums, etc

Need to add art team info to forum

digg like process for things going into community art package

  • WIP threads, as part of community building
  • Talk to Matthew Nuzum on this w/Drupal
  • Any popularity or rating system, needs to be clear on actual authority

Need a go-to developer guy for stuff like packaging

Key Issues

=== Artwork Submission Process ==

  • Clear instructions posted on BOTH the wiki and the forums


  • 90% of bugs end up being upstream issues
  • triaging important, need process for this


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