Ubuntu 8.10's theme revamp should engage with the large community of creative-commons artists at DeviantArt. An idea is to run a competition on DeviantArt to design new wallpapers for Ubuntu 8.10, to be released in October 2008. The competition would be similar to Inkscape's theme competitions at or FreeSpire's at The competition would hopefully be promoted on the front page of DeviantArt, via various Ubuntu related sites, and social news media.


Nowadays with more and more people wanting to join in and help out Ubuntu, artists included. They just need a prompt or a clear way in. Examples of this are Ubuntu Brainstorm, where before there was the Idea Pool which few people contributed to, now there is a clear and easy way to contribute ideas. This means that there has been a massive increase in the amount of idea's contributed. The wallpaper competition would do the same thing, it would make it easier for artists to contribute to Ubuntu in a clear and easy way.


The competition rules will be as follows:

  • Wallpapers must be beautiful
  • Original artworks, submitted by their authors.
  • Use Ubuntu's existing palette
  • Creative Commons licensed
  • Include your name or company name in the file name
  • Work well as a wallpaper. This means:
    • Good contrast against the white text use for desktop icons
    • Not too busy to distract from the desktop's contents
  • Be suitable for children and different cultures
  • Vector images should be submitted as an SVG, in both widescreen and standard resolution aspects.
  • Raster images must be submitted in both widescreen and standard aspects, and openable in Gimp - this means Photoshop files are OK, but may not use layer effects.

The winner will be decided by Mark Shuttleworth

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