• Extract GNOME help translations out of the builds into the translations.tar.gz
  • Park those in Launchpad (Rosetta or Soyuz)
  • Get them back from Launchpad for distributing in language packs

Proposition: upload GNOME help as tarball part of the translation.tar.gz, store in Rosetta, put them verbatim into the translation export

  • Rosetta is not meant to store blobs, infrastructure does not support it
  • Rosetta supports non-PO now (xpi), but it takes very long to set up (full extract of PO files, write tests, etc.)

    -> turned out to not be feasible realistically

Long-term solution: Proper support for GNOME help translations in Rosetta

  • Import GNOME help templates and PO files into Rosetta (pkgbinarymangler already exports them)
  • Change pkgbinarymangler to export the translated help images and C help XML file
  • Support translation of images in Rosetta
  • Assemble translated help files in langpack-o-matic, from the exported C help XML file, PO files, and localized images

Alternate proposal which is much easier to implement:

  • during build, create a separate translations-blob.tar.gz in pkgstriptranslations and put it into the .changes as type raw-translations-static

  • provide support for this in Soyuz to get back the links during langpack build time (See bug 123020)

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