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  • Created: 2009-06-15

  • Contributors: RodrigoMoya

  • Packages affected: couchdb-glib


We are patching GNOME applications to store data in CouchDB, and for that we have written a GLib-based API (couchdb-glib) which implements the low level access to CouchDB and which will be used by Evolution CouchDB backend and other GNOME apps/modules

Release Note

TBD when beta available


For GNOME/KDE and other apps to use CouchDB, we need a C library. There was a C library part of the CouchDB project, but due to nobody maintaining it, it was just abandoned. First idea was to resurrect that library, but since it used curl, no glib, etc, it makes things harder to work on, so we decided to go for a GLib-based API to be used by both GNOME and KDE (QT already depends on GLib for ATK, gstreamer, etc) applications.

Since it's a new library, we need to include a package for it for Karmic, since it will be used for UbuntuOne integration.

Development of this library is being done upstream, in GNOME's git repository.

User stories

  • Users will be able to store contacts, notes, settings and any other data they like into the local CouchDB, which will be replicated automatically to UbuntuOne server.



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Code Changes

Since it's a new package, and being developed upstream, no Ubuntu-only changes are needed for including this in Karmic. Any change to upstream GNOME/KDE applications will be done upstream, and hence included with the versions we ship for Karmic.

Test/Demo Plan

This package is part of the UbuntuOne integration we're doing for Karmic, so tests will be done as part of the UbuntuOne test plan.


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