The specification describes how Ubuntu will work on the new GNOME3 components, what packages will be available and where and what tasks the team plans to work on


Ubuntu is a GNOME based distribution, having the new versions and components available early will benefit the distribution, users and GNOME

User stories

  • Users will want to try the new GNOME components and be able to test GNOME3, it will be easy to do so from Ubuntu


  • The new components will be available to universe first and until being ready to be used by default in which case they will be considered for the desktop installation


  • The new components will go to universe
  • The current components updates will be packaged the usual way
  • The team will work to make the desktop applications use the new libraries


  • gnome-shell will be packaged in universe
  • zeitgeist will be packaged in universe
  • has the list of cleaning tasks, the team will work on cleaning api usage in the desktop applications and especially libgnome*, libgnomevfs, libglade, other libraries are probably too much work for the karmic cycle

UI Changes

  • No interface changes out of the standard GNOME updates changes

Code Changes


  • No migration required

Test/Demo Plan


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