The action plan is to develop an applet with the same feature list as the current FUSA applet which works with the new infrastructure.

As part of the development, the 3 main features of FUSA will be split in separate modules (.c files at least) to allow for easier redeployment of the code, as the design team updates the usability of the applet:

  • IM status: presence indicator
  • session management: logout, suspend, shutdown
  • session switching: guest session and switching to another open session

A fourth feature will be added if time permits:

  • integration with Gwibber, to be able to send a message from

A fifth element may impact the new FUSA applet, in that it will have to support some extra hooks at the UI level:

  • support for updates on shutdown: signaling that updates are available + offering (button, checkbox) a way to trigger the update process as part of the shutdown process.

Note: the updates on shutdown feature is tracked in another blueprint maintained by the foundations team.

Log of the UDS session

During this session we summarized the changes identified at UDS that impact the FUSA module.

1. Migration to gdm 2.22

The new gdm provides a D-Bus API that modules such as FUSA should now use. Further information at: http://live.gnome.org/GDM/ and http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/NewGdm

2. Change to Empathy

The Desktop team has decided to migrate to Empathy. FUSA was previously integrated with Pidgin, the default IRC client. It means that the presence features of FUSA need to be redeveloped to integrate with Empathy.

3. Potential integration with the OS-switcher

The OS switcher feature planned for integration during the boot sequence, could also be accessible at the time the user chooses to restart his system. Details of the user experience and options are not yet defined.

4. 3D acceleration support for the guest session (an all X sessions in general)

The kernel 2.6.31 will provide fixes to allow the main X session (not only the 1st one) to access the drm and get 3D acceleration.

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