Firefox current default homepage mechanism was introduced in gutsy and will be redone during Lucid cycle. Improvements include work on the offline/online startup experience, by removing the user visible URL redirection as well as reducing the latency of the offline detection. On top we improve the default homepage experience to adapt to the users chrome search defaults.


Improving the default homepage experience, will boost stickiness. In contrast, the current redirection mechanism used for online/offline page display delivers a suboptimal, sometimes even confusing user experience.

Release Notes

Firefox ships an improved default homepage experience that adapts to your search habits.


  • ship an about:ubunthome page that does not redirect; in contrast, the about:ubuntuhome handler directly displays the online/offline content

  • the users default chrome search provider name will be added to the URL displayed.
  • reduce startup latency by relying on network-manager indicated online status only; this means, that we do not perform an active probe for online/offline state anymore.



  • [rickspencer3] Why would the home pages include Wikipedia and package search, but not Amazon and others?

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