Modify Ubuntu so that the NTP daemon is installed as part of the default install and is configured to synchronize with servers from the global NTP Pool Project.

Release Note

Ubuntu now keeps the time and date synchronized to servers from the global NTP Pool Project.


For a variety of reasons, it's important for computers to maintain accurate time. Other OS vendors, such as Microsoft, have recognized this and have their operating systems sync automatically "out of the box."

Ubuntu currently doesn't support time synchronization in the default install. A user must know enough about their computer to find the setting, turn it on (which requires another step to install the NTP software), and then pick a time server. While such steps are trivial and comfortable for most technically-oriented users, they may escape the casual non-technical user. Such casual users may not know about the existence of the setting nor why they should enable it.

Syncronizing with the NTP Pool Project will provide nearly 2000 servers to which a computer may synchronize.




Ubuntu will be modified so that time synchronization will be enabled as part of the default install. The NTP daemon will be installed during the OS installation and the appropriate GNOME settings for the Time and Date preferences panel will be adjusted so that the configuration reflects "Keep synchronized with Internet servers". The time servers settings will be configured to use the following servers from the NTP Pool Project:

  • 1.canonical.pool.ntp.org
  • 2.canonical.pool.ntp.org
  • 3.canonical.pool.ntp.org

All other servers will be removed form the list. A representative of Canonical Ltd. or Ubuntu will register as a vendor at the NTP Pool Project to recieve the previously listed zone assignments.


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