Ubuntu 9.10 introduced Quickly as a tool for creating apps based on templates. The 10.04 version has an emphasis on making the first setup and make the prospective developer life easier. 10.10 version will make developer life easier to setup their machine and develop with gedit

Release Note



Ubuntu is focused on opportunistic developer to create quick and fun apps for its platform.

User stories

Jono don't want to bother about pushing an ssh/gpg key to launchpad, creating a ppa, or to sign the CoC manually to access to it.

Brian wants that editing code brings all the needed tools for developing, but don't want to clutter his GNOME gedit environment when only writing a note.

Chris wants to use GroundControl to setup his launchpad and don't want to use Quickly by command line


The design is around 3 elements:

  • Make it easier to create/setup the account, which means:
    • pushing ssh/gpg key to Launchpad (already matched or created automatically but Quickly in lucid)
    • force user to read and sign if they accept the CoC without using gpg command line
    • creating an ppa for the user
  • Have a dedicated gedit code editing session in activating plugins and settings needed
  • Integration to GC for nautilus interaction with Quickly


As discussed with Launchpad, the current only effective way to push ssh/gpg key is by faking a browser. The read part has been done in previous cycle with the API, the push will be done this cycle by faking a webbrowser.

gedit will be patched to activate some plugins and settings on demand. This switch will be use by Quickly on "quickly edit". The blueprint whiteboard contain the discussion from UDS about which settings/plugins to activate by default.

An API (some experimental one already available) will be pushed to enable some interaction with Quickly. Icons and effects are already on the way.


New features are being added, existing features will continue to work as before.

Test/Demo Plan

Check all the user stories can be completed with the updated version of Quickly.

WhiteBoard from UDS


 * quickly creates a gpg key for you if you don't have one, and then tells you to upload it to launchpad
 * do we want people creating gpg keys is they don't understand?
  * they just want access to the gpg key
 * now the gpg key and ssh case are exposed in the API so we have better matching
 * present the code of conduct in the UI

== quickly edit ==
 * there are lots of plugins
 * can we load a set of plugins and settings just for developers?

gedit-plugins package:

• YES: Code Comment
• NO: Bracket Completion
• NO: Session saver
• YES: Smart Spaces
• MAYBE: Code snippet -- practicly usless for python, I use it a lot for Latex.
• NO: (Join/ split lines)
• MAYBE: devhelp integration - if we can make it work with Python docs
• MAYBE: (Bookmarks) assuimng it doesn't make it slow
• YES: Terminal
• NO: Word Completion, bad integration with gdp - doesn;t work in Python

=== settings ===
 YES: Largeur des tabulations : 4 + insérer espaces au lieu des tabulations
 YES: Line numbers
 YES: Current Line
 YES: Right Margin - mark for 80 characters
 YES: Bracket Matching

set /apps/gedit-2/preferences/editor/smart_home_end/smart_home_end to BEFORE

+ Not packaged:

• YES: iPython Console
  ∘ http://code.google.com/p/gedit-ipythonconsole/
• NO: ClassBrowser:
  ∘ Mais projet stalled (http://www.stambouliote.de/projects/gedit_plugins.html)
  ∘ packagé dans le ppa: https://edge.launchpad.net/~sinzui/+archive/ppa
* MAYBE: ctags menu
• Gedit Developer Plugins
  ∘ https://edge.launchpad.net/gdp
  ∘ packagé dans le ppa: https://edge.launchpad.net/~sinzui/+archive/ppa
  ∘ GDP Format:
        ‣ INSTALLED BUT OFF BY DEFAULT: Check PEP8 compliance (key F3)
        ‣ INSTALLED BUT OFF BY DEFAULT: removing traling whitespaces
        ‣ Find and replace in multiple files
        ‣ Pb: le side pane devient trop grand (taille minimum >>)
   ∘ NO: (GDP Bazaar integration)
   ∘ NO: Completion, need snippet
       ‣ Pb: not compatible now (https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/gdp/+bug/511993)
• YES: SplitView2 (http://www.psyguygames.com/SplitView2.tar.gz)
• NO: (reopen tabs: http://code.google.com/p/reopen-tabs-gedit-plugin/downloads/list)

 * NO: ROPE integration for GEDIT? - http://code.google.com/p/gedit-rope/
 * Can we install bicycle repairman as a gedit plugin?
 * run/debug integrated with winpdb/tutorial button?

 * if there is no code of conduct signed for creating a PPA, allowing signing of the CoC in a web kit UI
 * push gpg key and the ssh key, form post or use webkit
 * Move boiler plate into base classes so that it's simple 
 * Add the delegate handler functionality
 * make it "quickly add preferences"
 * revisit quickly quickly
 * adding packaging template


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