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When users have put several accounts into the network account profiles system, we must provide a way for them to manage those accounts. This includes deleting or disabling them, or changing the password in one centeralized place.

Release Note

Network account profiles can be managed using the "About Me" dialog in System->Settings.


  • No one application would have all the profiles, it becomes important to provide a centralized place
  • Many user may change their passwords outside the NAP world, we need a way to update that information
  • There should be a way to visualize the accounts that are configured and what the've been used for

Use Cases

  • A user changes their Yahoo! account using the Yahoo! web interface, they want to update all their desktop applications.
  • A user would like to add a second Yahoo! account, but the application assumes you'd only want one.
  • A user would like to delete an account profile from all applications at once.


  • TODO



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Test/Demo Plan



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