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  • Matthias Klose (doko) - rehearsal


  1. Roll call
    • Apologies
    • Introduce new starters (if any)
  2. Review agenda
    • Review activity reports
    • Propose additional items
    • Accept agenda
  3. Release readiness update
  4. Other business

Activity Reports

Adilson Oliveira (adilson)

  • Update and fix packages for UME.
  • Added python bindings for maemo.
  • Adjusted trip to Gutsy Sprint
  • Help to test project builder, new matchbox and hildon's control panel.
  • Create and update UME specs, instalation instructions and TODO.
  • Check out what's LBS current status (embedded branch).
  • Help testing Tribe 2 in my macbook.
  • Start reviewing resumes for new developer.

Alexander Sack (asac)


  • uploading cherry-pick release of gutsy ffox to fix important issues for tribe-2
  • discussion, monitoring of security bugs
  • providing -granparadiso backports for feisty and some forum discussion on -granparadiso
  • introducing new mozillateam volunteers to mt bug procedures
  • reading more layout engine code
  • some bug processing
  • thoughts on future of gtkmozembed packaging (on trunk) ... maybe reconsider to go upstream way instead of debian way of packaging xulrunner?


  • redoing merge for network-manager
  • adding patch that adapts to modified api contract of gnome-keyring
  • finding glitch in gnome-keyring, preparing patch and submitting upstream (already applied)
  • fixing java5/6 plugin not available in firefox gutsy bug by changing path of java-plugin alternative to /usr/lib/firefox/plugins


  • helping student to take over libagg maintenance in debian which will probably be used by gnash instead of opengl.

Amit Kucheria (amitk)

  • Cleaned up poulsbo patches from Intel
  • Fixed documentation in wiki for working with kernel
  • Getting up-to-speed on UME kernel
  • Some experimentation with -hrt patches

Ben Collins (BenC)

  • Weekly calls with kernel team
  • Call with Colin
  • Gutsy 2.6.22-7.14 kernel upload for tribe-2
  • Call with Matt
  • Documentation work on Bug policy, dev cycle process, updates process and vendor processes
  • 2 hour Dell live expert forum

Brian Murray (bdmurray)

Bug triaging:


  • approved 1 Ubuntu QA team application
  • SRU verification of bug 114569
  • iso test tracker admin work
  • phone call with heno
  • working on celestia bugs 91308 & 53491

Bryce Harrington (bryce)


  • xserver-xorg-video-nv 2.1.0
  • Reviewed xserver-xorg-video-amd (uploaded)
  • mesa 7.0.0 (uploaded)
  • Resync'd xorg, xorg-server
  • xauth, xinit

Bug Triage / Testing

  • Tribe1: Posted test results
  • XSwatTest
    • xlogparse: coded simple Xorg.0.log parser. displays loaded modules, drivers, and summarizes # errors, etc.
    • coded first cut at a (trivial) acceptance test. restarts X, validates driver/version loaded


  • Studied xorg source code for API's to list loaded drivers (found data structure, but no API yet)
  • Attended CC for my UM app (ran out of time)
  • Liaison with Martin-Eric Racine (-amd Ubuntu/Debian maintainer) and Marc Miller (AMD) for driver development process improvement
  • Reviewed vmmouse-detect for possible use in dexconf

Chris Cheney (calc)


  • Merged 2 Main packages
  • Merged 4 Universe packages
  • Attended Community Council meeting
  • Received Ubuntu Member status
  • Applied and received MOTU status
  • security release prepared for dapper and edgy

    • FTBFS on amd64/ppc for what appears to be unrelated reasons - investigating

Daniel Holbach (dholbach)


  • mentoring, reviewed packages
  • motu mentoring reception
  • mentoring documentation
  • motu council discussions


  • mentoring, reviewed packages
  • gimp merge,
  • glibmm rebuilds, fixing *mm related build failures

Bug Tools

  • hacked on buglog-tool and buglog cgi
  • new bughelper release, patch review, bughelper sru
  • SoC discussions, reviewed py-lp-bugs API changes


  • derivatives discussions
  • CC meeting


  • fixed rarian issues, made dmz-cursor-theme default, updated bluetooth packages, updated empathy
  • status update meeting
  • worked on automating bzr/bzr-builddeb for reviewing purposes

Evan Dandrea (evand)

  • Tribe-2 testing and bug hunting.
  • Ubiquity bug triaging
  • Continued on page skipping in ubiquity-automation, merged in other changes to trunk
  • Continued on ubuntu-without-restricted
  • Looked into the Ubiquity usability issue some more

Fabio Di Nitto (fabbione)


  • redhat-cluster security for feisty/gutsy
  • finally nailed the kernel team to import new gfs2 code and sync gfs1 Wink ;)

  • gfs1 blocked on a 3 symbol export issue that should be solved by next upload.
  • started preparing a new security upload for redhat-cluster. This time it hits dapper/feisty/gutsy.
  • tribe-2 testing on sparc.
  • First official public install of Ubuntu on SUN's LDOM guest. See planet.u.c/my blog and or Davem's blog.
  • Done a lot of LDOM testing and debugging, but really a lot.

Ian Jackson (iwj)


  • Before going for Debconf, managed to get disk-full instrumented libc working. This is currently rebuilding to play catch-up with gutsy.
  • Last week (Monday-Friday) as I was at Debconf. There will be a report from me RSN.


  • UnifiedLoginUnlock: investigating the new compiz machinery. Unfortunately this confirmed that an important false assumption was made in Seville: According to the people I spoke to who I believed to be compositing experts compositing was to be deployed via Xgl. However this is not the case. This means that using Xgl as a proxy server isn't an option. There are some other problems, with VC switching and Xephyr (the alternatives). I need to sleep on this and write a proposal or spec summarising the current state, describing our options, and giving a recommendation.

  • Winmodem support: I've been researching USB dialup modems, since it was reported that they don't work with the current sl-modem-daemon package. These seem to be quite rare nowadays. It is very also difficult to tell what chipset is used in the few USB modems currently being sold in the UK, at least. Most users seem to:
    • use a USB serial dongle plus a real serial modem (this strategy actually has a good chance of success); or
    • get lucky by having bought a USB-connected real modem; or
    • fail. The USB angle is much less important since computers generally don't come with USB modems, but I think it would at least be worthwhile acquiring the kind of USB modem most common in the UK (Sweex MO070) for some testing to see if (a) it works already or (b) if not whether our existing infrastructure is capable of supporting it (in which case we ought to make sure that it actually all works properly).

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)


  • kde4-system-settings: done and accepted upstream
  • tribe 2 release (now ready to go)
  • my first archive admin day, I'm doing Tuesdays
  • soc mentoring (gdebi-kde merged thanks to mvo,
  • kubuntu-restricted-manager started)


  • strigi-integration: still waiting on security review


  • release tribe 2
  • package KDE 4 alpha 2
  • conference leave at Akademy from Friday

Kees Cook (keescook)


  • Security Updates
    • built/tested/published evolution-data-server update (USN-475-1)
    • published redhat-cluster-suite update (USN-476-1)
    • built/published krb5 update (USN-477-1)
    • built/tested/published libexif update (USN-478-1)
    • reviewing l-r-m updates with rtg
    • reviewing OO.o updates with calc
  • Vulnerability Mitigation
    • ported AppArmor kernel module to match 2.6.22 API changes

  • Investigations
    • tar volume-spanning bug with Znarl
    • glib2 ABI breakage with calc, dholbach
    • embargoed issue with elmo
  • MOTU
    • xmms-dev removed from main packages to get xmms into universe
    • various lp_stockreplies and lp_karma_suffix updates
  • Packaging Mentoring
    • dendrobates (openldap2.3)
    • calc (inkscape, gtkpod, xchat)
    • bryce (l-r-m + fglrx, xserver-xorg-video-amd)
    • bdmurray (celestia)

Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)


  • UME mockups
  • community enabling (two people shown interest in contributing themes)

Next week:

  • Off to Akademy (the KDE summit) on Friday, back working on Tuesday
  • UME
  • continuing the dialog with community members
  • starting a wiki structure and explanation/invitation for Gutsy artwork

Kyle McMartin (kylem)


  • linuxfirmwarekit on livecd investigating
  • intel g33/q33/q35/x3100 support & backports

  • looking at replacing discover-data for X driver detection


  • review of kernel-sec svn for dapper


  • looked at bugs on discover-data
  • investigating X drivers for new via hw (openchrome, unichrome)


  • ubuntu mobile sprint
  • debconf (vacation) last week, back at work june 25th

Martin Pitt (pitti)


  • Spec status: Did some initial poking on crash-reporting; no other changes this week

Other stuff done that week:

  • restricted-manager improvements and lots of bug fixes
  • Almost exclusively dealt with release management and engineering, and related bug triage/fixing/CD testing. This tribe was a real mess.
  • apport-crash-duplicates: no change since last week
  • apport-better-retracing: no change since last week
  • apport-for-upstreams: no change since last week
  • debian-maintainer-field: no change (remaining universe rebuilds will be done after feature freeze to minimize churn)
  • crash-reporting: tested new Malone features to file private bugs and subscribe people; when this gets rolled out this week, I'm unblocked again on this
  • restricted-manager-improvements: bcm43xx handler works (still some warts, though), code unduplication done

Mathias Gug (mathiaz)

  • AppArmor integration:

    • profile samba server.
    • debug on gutsy kernel. AppArmor compiles on gutsy - wider testing plan can now be conducted.

  • Ubuntu server:
    • triage bugs: mysql, openssh, postfix, openldap2, php5
    • fix mysql bug for tribe2: man pages are non-free.

Matthias Klose (doko)


  • visit Debconf; report will follow
  • another round of package merges and syncs
  • sun-java5 and sun-java6 updates
  • openjdk builds and packaging changes
  • search and fix configuration bug to make libstdc++6 again compatible with the feisty and previous gutsy version.
  • OOo mentoring; preparing last 2.2.x packages for feisty and gutsy; convert the bazaar repository to bzr now that Debian did convert theirs as well.
  • brought a sparc machine to its final location and finished the installation.

Michael Vogt (mvo)


  • Compiz:
    • default plugin list set according to Spec
    • updated the various components to latest git
    • integrated desktop-effects functionality into the new gnome apperance capplet
    • added "Enable extra plugins" funtionality to capplet
    • looked into workspace<->viewport issue (no conclusion yet)

    • packaged/uploaded compiz-fusion-plugins-extra
    • added "will-it-run" dection into compiz.wrapper and add fallback to metacity support if the machine is unable to run compiz (required for compiz-by-default)
    • updated ubuntu-meta to include compiz, demoted desktop-effects and work with seb on gnome-wm script in gnome-session to make compiz the default window manager
    • upstream bugreporting/communication
    • working on desktop-integration/bugfixes for compiz-by-default
    • fix livecd breakage under vmware
    • tested compiz-by-default-livecd on all my machines
    • added dection when to pass "--indirect-rendering" to speedup compiz on machines with indirect-rendering

I put a lot of work into it to it to get compiz-by-default ready for tribe-2, there are some glitches that I'm aware of (like not all keybindings work, viewport<->workspace issues and the apperance capplet switching has some UI problems) but generally it seems to be working. If everybody could test the current desktop CD and see if that works or breaks, that would be appreciated Smile :)


  • fix return-too-early bug in gksu and send patch upstream
  • displayconfig-gtk upload
  • fixed breakage in partial upgrade mode in update-manager
  • merge gnome-app-install changes from debian
  • tribe-2 testing
  • fix apt bug in task-install on amd64-server
  • merged christian perrier apt branch


  • reviewed/merged/bugfixed gdebi-kde frontend, uploaded for tribe-2
  • some mentoring

Phillip Lougher (pkl)


  • Patching kernels with Unionfs 2.0 and building LiveCDs
  • LiveCD with Unionfs 2.0 somewhat surprisingly crashes in the initramfs start-up scripts
  • Rebuilt liveCD in a couple of different ways with different patched kernels to double-check it wasn't a liveCD build problem
  • Studied LiveCD boot-up sequence and tracked down script and operations that cause Unionfs 2.0 to oops (scripts/casper-bottom/25configure-init)
  • Studied Unionfs 2.0 code for obvious causes of oops
  • Currently trying to generate test-case to reproduce oops outside of liveCD environment. Useful if it becomes necessary to report bug to unionfs developers


  • Looked into back-port of driver to dapper LTS


  • Installed VMware
  • On holiday from 20th June - 25th June

Rick Clark (dendrobates)


  • participated in server bug day
  • assigned a few server related bugs to myself


  • packaged php5-imap and php5-mcrypt
  • continued packaging training
  • started creating a ravencore package


  • built dapper development environment.

Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

  • Catching up with mails lag
  • Load of desktop bugs triage
  • CD testing
  • Archive admin work
  • Sponsored desktop updates
  • Desktop bugs fixing

Søren Hansen (shawarma)


  • Ubuntu server bug day
  • Set up shiny testing machine
    • Debug network driver for said machine
    • Set up virtual machines with {dapper,edgy,feisty,gutsy}-{amd64,i386}-server
  • Tribe-2 RC iso testing
  • Package new upstream release of eBox
  • Started testing EBox from client's perspective

Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)


Tim Gardner (rtg)


  • Zinc permissions
  • Dell E1501 Gutsy boot


  • Edgy l-r-m

Tollef Fog Heen (tfheen)


  • Vacation and Debconf (report from the latter will follow shortly)
  • Catching up with the current state of UME after vacation and Debconf.
  • UME meeting on #ubuntu-mobile; sent in notes from same.
  • Some UME packaging fixes, mainly cleaning up how the themes work. Discovered they don't work correctly on AMD64. Need to fix or document the problem.
  • Some SoC mentoring.



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