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  • Daniel Holbach (dholbach) - holiday
  • Fabio Di Nitto (fabbione) - holiday
  • Henrik Nilsen Omma (heno) - holiday
  • Scott James Remnant (Keybuk) - holiday
  • Martin Pitt (pitti) - family event
  • Phillip Lougher (pkl) - sick leave
  • Brian Murray (bdmurray) - holiday
  • Kees Cook (keescook) - defcon


  1. Roll call
    • Apologies
    • Introduce new starters (if any)
  2. Review agenda
    • Review activity reports
    • Propose additional items
    • Accept agenda
    • (pitti) There is some slight progress on, but the pace needs to be faster to meet the deadline

    • (pitti) While I am on honeymoon, some of my roles need to be taken by some other distro team members:
      • final release management of dapper.2 (final CD testing, announcements, etc.)
      • release management of Tribes 5 & 6

      • Handholding the apport retracers; I filed RT#28728 to make this possible, and I will write some documentation about it; seb128 offered to help out here already
      • SRU bug handling and archive processing
      • (maybe) language pack building; this should not take any manual intervention actually, so it's not that crucial.
    • (mathiaz) Is there any interest in having dehs setup for Ubuntu ? (Debian Watch Health Status -

    • (doko) volunteers for helping with lpia bootstrap:

  1. Actions from previous meeting

  1. Release readiness update
  2. Other business
  3. Reviewers meeting (non-reviewers are excused)

New Starters

Activity Reports

Adilson Oliveira (adilson)

  • Help Kevin (taiwan) with UME image.
  • Testing applications inside UME (stardict, fbreader, claws).
  • Update UME docs (FAQ, Apps list, etc).
  • Fix Cheese to work with VL4 and inside UME.

Alexander Sack (asac)

  • mozillas: firefox security updates for dapper/edgy/feisty/gutsy; sunbird/lightning-extension package upload.
  • firefox-addon spec: work on pluginfinder web-service; providing input on mozilla extension install feature for gnome-app-install.
  • enigmail SRU preparation, patch-backporting, testing, upload * community work: discussing mozilla-team tasks with new volunteer; sponsoring motu.
  • distributors discussion on how to drive/maintain the mozilla 1.8.0 branch
  • more upstream feedback on proposed gnash build system for 0.8.1 release/branch.
  • network-manager/wpasupplicant research and testing - google, malone, mailing lists, code
  • mobile browser work: checking (more) alternatives on how to best maintain independent midbrowser xul application while reusing as much firefox as possible; looking at hildon code to get basic understanding about what is needed to get hildonish menus in xul; setting up mobile development environment (a few attempts to use plain gutsy chroot with ubuntu-mobile failed ... so finally I used image-creator).

Amit Kucheria (amitk)

  • UME thermal optimization discussion with Intel
  • Code review of thermal optimization patch
  • Understanding differences between mainline, Intel and upstream DRM code

Ben Collins (BenC)

  • Kernel bugs
  • Several kernel uploads
    • Enable lpia architecture in kernel builds
    • Pulled in hppa build fixes
    • Pulled in remaining patches to sync with feisty
    • xen/rt build, plus lrm+lum+meta additions
  • Triage major issue with some AMD64 systems hanging on boot in gutsy
    • nolapic seems to help on my case, but not Tim's.
    • Tim has bisected to a single commit, still reviewing patch
  • Shipping hw to kernel team

Brian Murray (bdmurray)

Bug triaging:

  • triaging of gutsy bugs without a package
  • triaging of linux-source-2.6.22 bugs
  • some mentoring of new triagers


  • sru verification of bug 35291
  • e-mailed Bugsquad re new wiki pages
  • tweaking of bug graphs and sent announcement
  • created a 2.6.22 series for the linux kernel for upstream
  • mentoring of pedro

Bryce Harrington (bryce)


  • Liaisoned with AMD and community, to come up with a new approach for better maintenance of the -amd driver. Announcement from AMD to come shortly.
  • Coordinated with Timo in scheduling remaining merge work
  • Took sick day Mon July 30

Spec status

  • Easy X Config (aka displayconfig-gtk)

    • Worked on request to add it to main
    • Prepared patch to add to System menu
  • Bulletproof-X
    • First release has been deployed in today's xorg upload
    • Not yet enabled by default, but is available for testers. Once displayconfig-gtk is in main, we can enable it by default.
  • Xorg 7.3:
    • xserver 1.4 release schedule has been announced, and a beta has been released. It looks like 1.4 will be coming in post-feature-freeze. Touched base with pitti about this. Some research needed to determine the scope of integration work required, and the feasibility of getting it into Gutsy in the time that remains.
    • Aside from xserver 1.4, we're pretty much caught up to upstream with all the other packages.


  • xorg, ico, iceauth, more uploaded
  • worked on merge for xorg-server, but ran into some build issues due to some sort of conflict with mesa. May need to postpone until tribe-5.


  • Responded to user feedback from previous triaging work
  • Figured out how to get gdm's console error dialogs to display correctly (currently their borders show with garbage characters). Even though bulletproof-x will make us not see these so often, at least they'll now look proper when they do!

Chris Cheney (calc)

  • Merging Ubuntu OOo changes back into Debian in preparation of OOo 2.3
  • Found issue with gij causing it to run out of memory compiling OOo
  • Testing new glibc for potential fix to gij issue.
  • Working with mjg59 on vbetool issue on amd64
  • Working with asac on ipw3945 wireless issue on amd64/i386 gutsy

Daniel Holbach (dholbach)

On holiday.

Evan Dandrea (evand)


  • Fixed bugs and cleaned up code.
  • Looked into reverse engineering Apple's binary plist format.
  • Started reworking Ubiquity code to work with preseeding and be less of a hack.


  • Finished graceful page skipping work. It just needs to be committed.


  • Worked on high priority / tribe bugs.

Fabio Di Nitto (fabbione)

On holiday.

Ian Jackson (iwj)

  • consistent-login-screen:

    • This is now working using consolekit, as discussed on ubuntu-devel. See my recent uploads for details of the bugs and my fixes. To test it, simply install consolekit.deb from universe. (MIR is pending.) You should find that fast user switching actually works - no more double password prompts, unexpected black screens, etc.

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)


  • edubuntu-desktop-kde package created
  • packaged KDE 4 beta 1

To do:

  • qt 3 and 4 security updates
  • kubuntu-gutsy-adept

Kees Cook (keescook)


    • presented Ubuntu Security talk
  • Security Updates
    • built/tested/published tcpdump update (USN-492-1)
    • published firefox update (USN-493-1)
    • built/tested/published gimp update (USN-494-1)
  • Vulnerability Mitigation
    • tested apt SHA256 updates with mvo, added GPG tests
    • identified, started no-change rebuilds of main pkgs untouched since Dapper
  • Mentoring
    • xorg review with bryce
    • lib{pam,nss}-ldap, auth-client-config review with dendrobates
  • Misc
    • SRU upload of inkscape
    • unsub'd ubuntu-security from non-security, private bugs
    • tiny tweaks to python-launchpad-bugs
    • Gutsy upgrades, LVM-on-MD testing

Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)

  • looking into the hildon theming. Need to change BACK from the thousand tiny pixmaps idea, seriously *and* soon.
  • worked on several wallpaper ideas
  • community artwork drive started, nothing that amazing submitted but better than nothing. Spent quite some time in irc discussing this with interested community peeps
  • late night CD design for Jane

Kyle McMartin (kylem)


  • lvm request_size investigation for elmo (turns out some performance issues i'd seen were caused by this)
  • ubuntu live / oscon


  • alsa backports for gutsy
  • reviewed dynticks on x86_64


  • megaraid rebuild for support

Martin Pitt (pitti)

Spec status:

  • apport-crash-duplicates: worked on the remaining bits, fully implemented now

  • apport-better-retracing: waiting for reply from wine team; if they do not answer soon, I'll just implement the fallback solution of ignoring wine crashes in apport at all.

  • apport-for-upstreams: set to 'blocked' now; we did everything from our side in the spec, waiting for upstream to give more feedback on the data format and move towards it; I'll keep some IRC contact with them

  • debian-maintainer-field: no change (remaining universe rebuilds will be done after feature freeze to minimize churn)

  • restricted-manager-improvements: no change since last week, no time; I'll focus on this in the next days

Other stuff that might be interesting to others:

  • Lots of apport work; many bugs fixed, added a proper upload progress bar, and made the data handling in the UI much more efficient, so that it is now much faster and takes much less memory; also added a backend for gcc ICEs (hello doko).

Release status:

  • I am constantly working on archive consistency, so gutsy should be installable usually, and the dailies should work. sparc has some uninstallable desktop packages (gnome-power-manager and compiz in particular), but that does not hurt so much ATM
  • still has quite a lot of open issues; please try to fix your tribe4 bugs this week, freeze is next Tuesday

Mathias Gug (mathiaz)

  • Developer:
    • dehs: looked into installing dehs for ubuntu.
  • Meeting:
    • ubuntu-server meeting
    • write server team minutes
  • Packager:
    • AppArmor: continue to package libaalogparse.

    • Merge: dput
    • Dapper 6.02: quagga, mysql
    • mysql-dfsg-5.0: created mysql-doc-5.0 to ship man pages.
  • Triager: triage bug: mysql

Matthias Klose (doko)

  • lpia bootstrap; reviewing packages for required, standard, important, parts of optional and extra, uploading packages fixed for lpia. lpia can now be debootstrap'd on i386 or amd64:
  • Document common lpia build problems and status at

  • Prepare final glibc-2.6.1 packages for gutsy.
  • sun-java packages for lpia.
  • Updated old compiler versions for lpia.
  • Looking again at the icedtea package; the package currently builds on i386, failure on amd64. community architectures probably could build icedtea using cacao (powerpc).
  • Package syncs, merges.
  • Bug triage for toolchain packages.

Michael Vogt (mvo)


  • fixes in update-manager pre-requisites handling
  • refactored the AutoUpgradeTesting code into its own seperated module

  • work automatic debian/etch -> gutsy upgrade test, fixed some assumptions in the upgrade tester along the way that made the code better and found/fixed some bugs. with a specially backported release-upgrader-dpkg that supports breaks it will actually upgrade to the point that sysv-rc falls over in various postinsts during the upgrade


  • added support for multiple section in apt::never-auto-mark and apt::install-recommends and uploaded

  • added proper sha256 support to libapt, cleaned up the code in to make adding hashes easy in the future (that took a bit)
  • added testsuite that covers the archive authentication (for sha256, sha1, md5, gpg-signatures)
  • some work on SecondaryArch patch for infinity and lpia bootstrapping

  • reviewed/merged lzma support
  • added apt.DebFile class to python-apt to abstract apt_inst code


  • python-distutils-extra new api transition
  • merges/fixes in gnome-app-install
  • fixes in update-notifier for the new GtkStatusIcon code

  • SoC sponsoring, MOTU mentoring/sponsoring
  • Looking at dbus based package managment stuff from hughsie
  • new software-properties upload (minor fixes)


  • bug triage
  • sru verification

Phillip Lougher (pkl)

  • Debian-packaging for WriteSupportForNFS
    • Updated Fuse (fuse-utils, libfuse2 and libfuse-dev)
      • Binaries, libs and other necessary files moved to /bin, /lib install location
    • Updating ntfs packages (libntfs-3g0, ntfs-3g)
  • Updated Gutsy git repository with Squashfs bug fixes (bug #126964)
    • Tidied Squashfs code up removing all debugging code and hacks
    • Tested to ensure it still worked.
  • started integrating aufs into Gutsy kernel

Rick Clark (dendrobates)

  • Finished modifications to libpam-ldap
  • Finished modifications to libnss-ldap
  • Continued testing ebox
  • started over on ldap-auth-config due to Debian policy issues
  • reviewed auth-client-config

Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

  • GNOME 2.19.6 updates
  • sponsored lot of new versions packages, the desktop team has some good and active contributors Wink ;)

  • started looking at using bzr to maintain the desktop team packages
  • Archive admin
  • bug triage
  • looked at rarian and made it installable instead of scrollkeeper
  • random mails and discussions on IRC

Søren Hansen (soren)

  • Design and implement a way to add schemas and acl to slapd's configuration by other packages.
    • Awaiting final approval by Debian's openldap maintainers.
  • Finish packaging ebox-usersandgroups
    • Blocking on above openldap patch.
  • Finish and upload ebox-ca
  • Finish and upload ebox-openvpn
  • eBox bug fixing

Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)


  • Bug fixes and improvements on system-config-printer and hal-cups-utils:
    • Improved auto-selection of PPDs and drivers
    • HPLIP-supported printers get reliably assigned hp://... URIs so that HPLIP is actually used
    • If an HP multi-function device has fax support, hal_lpadmin also sets up a fax queue now.
    • Queues are disabled when printer is unplugged or turned off and re-enabled if printer gets available again.
    • Many bug fixes
  • The above changes fix automatic-printer-conf; only thing needed is to seed hal-cups-utils.

  • Sent all the patches to upstream maintainer Tim Waugh.
  • Packaged CUPS 1.3.0-RC2 for testing. Available on

    • Please test!! NOTE: CUPS is running as root (non non-root patches)
  • Announced CUPS packages on ubuntu-devel-discuss mailing list.
  • Answered bug reports.

To do:

  • GPL Ghostscript 8.60 will be released on 1st of August. Make a Ubuntu package of it.
  • More polishing, fixes, improvements on system-config-printer

Tim Gardner (rtg)


  • Holiday Jul 26-27
  • Reworked several LP bugs to better fit the SRU process.
  • i965/G33 package generation and testing.


  • AGP/DRI G33 updates to Feisty.

Tollef Fog Heen (tfheen)



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