• Developer Membership Board meeting, 2010-01-05
    • Chair: Matt Zimmerman
    • Review action items from previous meeting
      • mdz to drive election for DMB, based on existing members of TB and MC
        • voting is in progress now
        • persia very much appreciated the second call for votes: something rarely seen in these polls.
        • 77 votes cast out of 146 eligible voters
        • the vote will end in 13 days, 2010-01-18
        • mdz noted that there was not much guidance available on how to conduct the election, some aspects had to be made up as he went (possible Community Council topic)
    • MOTU direction (ScottK, cjwatson)
      • No progress since the previous meeting
      • [ACTION] ScottK+cjwatson to pull joint fingers out and write up proposal

    • Next meeting
      • The next meeting will be conducted by the new DMB, based on the outcome of the election
      • cjwatson and pitti agreed to attend that meeting for continuity

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