Developer Membership Board meeting, 2012-06-04

Chair: tumbleweed (with help from stgraber)

Present: barry Laney micahg stgraber tumbleweed

Review of previous Minutes

  • cfalco got his upload rights
  • zentyl packageset and it's membership team was created
  • micahg to document the packageset: todo
  • stgraber to review the freeze process with bencer: in-progress
  • the membership monitoring script is working again.
  • cody-somerville and bdrung to vote in early meeting poll: cody still needs to vote

Contributing Developer Juan Negron

Not present, postponed.

MOTU application Jeremy Bicha

Application: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JeremyBicha/DeveloperApplication

Voting: +1 stgraber Laney barry tumbleweed

  • +0 micahg

The application is accepted.

Action: stgraber to add jbicha to MOTU (done)


Chair for next meeting: stgraber

rodrigo-moya appears expired from ubuntu-dev, tumbleweed pinged him in late April. Received no reply, so we agreed to remove his PPU rights for couchdb-glib and evolution-couchdb

Action: stgraber to remove rodrigo-moya's PPU rights (done)

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