Didier Raboud, aka OdyX


Hi !

First of all, If you want to hear from me in my allday life, visit my weblog (mainly in french, sorry) : http://didier.raboud.com/

I was born in 1986 in Switzerland where I spent a large part of my life. I'm living in the French speaking part, near Lausanne, Vevey, in a little town named Corseaux. I'm now studying Electrical and Electronical Engineering at the EPFL.

I'm now spending a year in Madrid learning Spanish and trying to make that year a success.

Linux Experience

I first began to use Linux as a complete beginner (I felt I was advanced Windows user) thanks to a custom distribution based on Fedora Core 2 (then 3 and 4), made by a team in my school : Poseidon. for our lowcost laptops. Conversion was long and hard, but I've finally saved my soul. After destroying my system at least 4 times (loosing 3D acceleration, RPM-crap, and so on), I began to look around. I finally installed the new born Breezy on a partition for a moment. After one month, I deleted all my Windows stuff, formatted my Hard Drive and Installed Kubuntu Breezy alone for it to. Since then, I increased my Linux skills up to installing Kubuntu Dapper in begin of March.

I plan to improve my little C++ and packaging skills so as to be able to become MOTU and maybe more.

(K)Ubuntu contributions

First of all, I use KDE! I'm no sectarist, but I use it per choice and because I like the way it works. So I'd like to contribute for Kubuntu (with a K).

I'm trying to involve in Kubuntu-devel community, I wrote some minutes for the meetings :

French-speaking community

I'm pretty lot on the forums of the French-speaking community : Ubuntu-fr (where fr means francophone and not from France!) and I contribute from time to time on its wiki.


I'm know involved seriously in creating the Kubuntu-fr website and community (closely connected tu Ubuntu-fr's though). See the project's page. We hope we will have it done for Dapper !

Bug Tracking for Kubuntu Dapper

I reported some bugs on Launchpad. Happily, Dapper is good, so not so much work !

I spent relatively a lot of time on those bugs :

Translations on Rosetta

I translate mainly for French as there would be NO sense to make a different version for swiss-french, the differences are so little (like no insecable space into «») : my translations. Particularily :


Actually, you can find me very often in #ubuntu-fr, #kubuntu-fr, #kubuntu, #kubuntu-devel. I try to help as much as I can, in my possibilities.



  • Scouting (since my 12 and still going on)
  • Vocal art (been in various choirs since my 8)
  • Coding
    • BASIC on TI-92+ (very funny)
    • C++ at school (I have to practise)
    • PHP (idem)
  • Cryptography, security
    • Author of a "maturity work" about RSA (coded RSA in BASIC though)
  • FLOSS philosophy
  • Languages
    • I'm swiss-french speaking
    • german (not fluent, but can speak pretty well)
    • swiss-german (understood, have to practise)
    • english (not fluent, but can speak pretty well)
    • spanish (almost fluent)
  • Audio encoding
    • I began to read the Vorbis specs, but it stays a little complicated for me yet...


I own a Dell Latitude D800 named DoxoR which is made of:

  • Nvidia Geforce FX5200 3D Card
  • ipw2200 Wifi Card
  • IR and Bluetooth cards

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