Dev Focus Group Academy

Main Idea
  • Help new users who want to get involved in the programming area.

How it is going to work
  • Users who have a medium or high knowledge of programming language, will give "classes" to new users who have the spirit of learning.
  • The teacher or instructor its going to provide links, examples, exercises, etc to the new users this way they are going to get knowledge and practice by their selfs.
  • The teacher or instructor its going to give 1 or 2 classes the week. (30 or 60 minutes). In this classes he will explain, answer questions,etc.
  • All teachers and new users should join the #ubuntu-beginners-dev channerl on IRC. This way they will help each other if they have troubles
  • The classes should be given on #ubuntu-classroom
  • Each course should be around 1 or 2 months
  • At the end of the course. The teacher should work with the new users for developing a small project. It can be a small game, a small program, something related to the course, and get benefit future users.

The benefits of this academy
  • Help new users to learn a new programming language
  • When there is a group with a better knowledge, the dev focus group can work on developing application (Small or Big Projects) that can benefit Ubuntu
  • Fix existing trivial bugs on Launchpad.
  • Others (Still Thinking)

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