December 20th 2012

  1. Last meeting: November 17th 2012


Action Item Review

  1. Sujit to organize installfest
    1. E-mail sent by bcurtiswx, asked to start an e-mail thread about it.
  2. Nathan Weber create/organize advertising flyers.
    1. E-mail sent by bcurtiswx, asked to lead and start e-mail thread.
  3. Make a District of Columbia team Google plus page
    1. KJCole: https://plus.google.com/112777385899049850892/posts

  4. Make a District of Columbia team Twitter account
    1. BCurtisWX: https://twitter.com/UbuntuDCLoCo

  5. Make a District of Columbia team Facebook page
    1. BCurtisWX: https://www.facebook.com/groups/314677838640890/

  6. Who is NOT going to show up [ e-mail ]?
    1. E-mail sent
  7. [ Monthly Meal ] Where around DC could we gather (other than Taste of India)

Mission Statement | Self Image

Ubuntu Developer Summit - Washington, DC, USA

How to use out new social accounts

  1. Discussion was brought up about where to have the main data source, and there were quite a few ideas. We want something that is easy for everyone and the least confusing for newcomers to parse. The ideas are:
    1. Using mailman interface to link to for news
    2. Using Drupal for highlights and linking to mailman due to confusion of mailman interface
    3. Finding (or designing) a good mailman GUI (Blog style) that is easy for newcomers to use/read.


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