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NEXT MEETING: August 22nd, 2013 7:00PM

dc-loco.jpg Welcome fellow Ubuntites, Ubuntunistas, Ubunturists ("Ubunt-tourist"), etc! The DistrictOfColumbiaTeam LoCo covers the Washington, DC, metropolitan area (also includes parts of Maryland and Northern Virginia). We focus on advocating the use of Edubuntu in K-12 schools, local libraries, community centers, Section 8 (low-income) housing, and wherever else we can think of. Yorktown High School piloted and remains actively involved in the development of Edubuntu. Other accomplishments include tabling for Software Freedom Day annually at the Takoma Park Folk Festival since 2005 and the Federal Office Systems Expo (FOSE). We have also installed Edubuntu for the Tenants’ and Workers’ Support Committee and both the Mount Rainier and the Takoma Park public libraries. Recently, members have participated in CrisisCamp Haiti, DC.

New members of the DistrictOfColumbiaTeam learn to use GnuPG so that they can digitally sign e-mail, files, etc. In particular, using GPG is required to sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, which makes one a true Ubuntu member. In addition, you become part of the "web of trust". To learn about working with GPG, see the GnuPrivacyGuardHowto page. See also "What is a digital signature?". This GPG tutorial also looks promising. (You can also contact KevinCole if you get stuck.)

Current Members

Please see the LoCo's membership page.

Software Development and Documentation

Local Commercial Support Resources

There are a few businesses in the area that are becoming quite interested in Ubuntu and its derivatives. Some are still learning Linux themselves but are willing to offer affordable support to non-profits and others with a limited budget.

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