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Hi. Although I've been programming computers since 1973, and using GNU/Linux since 1993, I consider myself to be more of a "publicity" guy and "social network facilitator" (though I hate that word "facilitator"). I promote the use of Free/Open Source Software, particularly in educational environments, with YHSLUG9 being my favorite example and am now advertising Ubuntu around the Brain-Washington, DC area, when I should be doing useful work for my office, the Gallaudet Research Institute10.


My connection to is through the Washington, DC LoCo. I am also one of the core members of the "Computers for Social Justice" project, which is still in the planning phase. This project is part of a growing effort world-wide to refurbish and reuse old computers in the community. Our target distribution falls somewhere between Edubuntu and Ubuntu Lite11, as we hope to distribute these older computers in the K-12 school system in northeast DC first. (We've decided not to establish a web site until we're a bit further along.) I've also written some tutorials12 (primarily for students, staff and faculty at Gallaudet) and am the creator and sporadic maintainer of the LEG-UP CD3. The CD has been superceded by Open CD Project13.

Speaking of Gallaudet... There is an issue of addressing SpecialNeeds in Edubuntu.

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