I, Dmitry Shachnev, apply for Ubuntu Core Developer upload rights.


Dmitry Shachnev

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Who I am

I am Moscow-based Debian, Ubuntu and Free Software activist, born in 1993. Author of some Python modules and apps, contributor to many other open source projects. Last-year student of Moscow State University, department of Mechanics and Mathematics (chair of Computational Mathematics).

My Ubuntu story

I began using Ubuntu in 2007, and contributing to Ubuntu in 2011. For the first time, I have been maintaining only a couple of packages (for which I was upstream), but since then my involvement grew much larger.

My involvement

My main areas of involvement are Python modules and Qt (both 4 and 5).

Maintaining packages is not the only thing I do. I also sponsor others' work, translate Ubuntu (I am one of ubuntu-l10n-ru coordinators), document Ubuntu (I have been contributing to Ubuntu Packaging Guide a lot), and spread the word about Ubuntu Smile :)

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

According to the Ultimate Debian database:

  • I have done 454 uploads to Ubuntu of 197 different source packages.
  • I have sponsored 234 uploads for other contributors.
  • 160 uploads were sponsored for me, of which 73 were done after I became a MOTU.

I am also a Debian Developer, and I am listed as maintainer or uploader for 36 source packages. See my DDPO page.

Areas of work

I have been working on a large set of Ubuntu packages in the past. Currently, I work on:

  • Python text processing stack (sphinx, python-docutils, python-markdown, pymarkups, retext);
  • Qt 4 stack (qt4-x11, qtwebkit);
  • Qt 5 stack (qt*-opensource-src, lots of packages there);
  • PyQt stack (sip, python-qt4, pyqt5);

  • Python keyring stack (python-keyring, python-secretstorage);
  • GNOME Flashback stack (gnome-panel, gnome-applets, metacity);
  • MathJax stack (mathjax, mathjax-docs);

  • Indicators stack (indicator-*, appmenu-*).

Things I could do better

I should really do more SRUs. So far I only do SRU uploads for high-importance bugs (like crashes), but I think stable releases should get a bit more love from me. But I am (slowly) working on it Smile :)

Plans for the future

Plans for Vivid cycle

  • I want to replace our qtwebkit-source packaging with better qtwebkit packaging from Debian (and update it to the latest upstream version).
  • I hope I will be able to help with updating GNOME to 3.14.
  • I plan to add a ubuntu-gnome-flashback metapackage and build unofficial ISOs with that pre-installed. I have got multiple requests to do so.
  • I also want to get KaTeX packaged as a potential replacement for MathJax. It will improve math experience within Sphinx or ReText a lot.

What I like least in Ubuntu

Let's try something different this time

Currently many people who used to work on the Unity/GNOME desktops are working on Touch stuff, so the desktop really lacks manpower (like: GNOME is two cycles behind, Software Center not updated, etc). This is something I am already helping with and will continue to work on in the future.


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Daniel Holbach (dholbach)

General feedback

Dmitry has done fantastic work over the last years. He's dedicated, he always follows up with Upstream and Debian. I couldn't be happier with this work. Big +1 for core-dev.

Specific Experiences of working together

  • Lots of work in lp:ubuntu-packaging-guide and coordinating upstream fixes in lp:sphinx (and other bits) for it.
  • Maintenance of lp:sphinx.
  • Lots of help with

  • Many more things I don't recall off the top of my hat. Smile :)

Martin Pitt

General feedback

Dmitry has been around for quite a while and shown consistent involvement, motivation, and good skills. I sponsored a lot of syncs and some 20 packages for him (see below for examples). I don't remember significant problems with those. He's equally active in Debian and takes care to work as much as possible on the Debian side. I welcome him to become a core-dev and thank him for his great work!

Specific Experiences of working together

-- pitti 2014-10-10 10:42:00


General feedback

A useful presence on #kubuntu-devel and doing great stuff with Qt packaging

Specific Experiences of working together

I merged qt4-x11 with Debian but it failed to compile on arm64. Dmitry jumped in with a fix. Alas this also broke on armhf. But Dmitry jumped in with a second fix. Wherever there is danger, he'll be there.

Areas of Improvement

Shouldn't override xnox's first name


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