The software aims to provide translated documents under $HOME/Templates, based on localecode and software installed.


GNOME have the functionality to create new documents based on templates. The feature is available via right-click action and "Create Document". However, the functionality is not well used because the Templates directory with the documents inside it, does not exist by default.

Use cases

  • Grandpa just used Ubuntu, and would like to create a document with the same thing he does in Windows. He use <right-click> and select "Create Documents > Spreadsheet".


The application will query the localecode the user currently use and based on it, a set of predefined translation for that particular localecode will be used for the Template document names.

The document viewer must exists in order for the Template documents to be created.


The names will be based on the localecode. If the localecode isn't included yet, a fallback value is used.

Also, application will be checked if it exist. If no application for a particular document is installed, the Templates document will not be created.




This is the first release, fully functional, just run ./templates-generator and it will create the Templates documents based on your locale and application installed.

Data preservation and migration

If the Templates directory already exists, the files will not be overwritten.

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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