This page contains some tips for people who are granted permissions to upload directly to the system documentation branches (by becoming members of the ubuntu-core-doc team).

A desktop guide specific version of this page.

A serverguide specific version of this page.

Applying a patch

To apply a patch submitted by a contributor:

  1. Save the patch file in a suitable location, like ubuntu-doc/patches/ for example.

  2. Change to the relevant branch on your computer:

    cd ubuntu-doc/ubuntu-hardy 
  3. Apply the patch file

    patch -p0 < patches/patch.diff 

That's it! However, depending on how the patch was created, you made need to cd into the directory where the actual file to be patched resides. Simply cd into that directory, (e.g. ubuntu-hardy/ubuntu/internet/C) before applying the patch.

Bzr bundles (Merge Proposals) are even easier to apply using the command

$ bzr merge address/to/bundle  (i.e. bzr merge lp:~jdoe/serverguide/some_revision)

Publishing changes

Members of the ubuntu-core-doc team can publish their changes directly to the branches. This is the procedure:

  1. First, update your branch to the current version by running

    bzr pull lp:~ubuntu-core-doc/ubuntu-docs/name_of_branch
    • Note: please do not use bzr merge for updating your branch.

  2. Then make your changes and commit them with

    bzr commit -m "Description of changes"
    • Note: it is helpful if the description of the changes uses a short description that can later be used in the changelog for the package. If a bug is fixed, please include the bug number in the description in this format: LP: #bugnumber. You can also associate the branch with the bug in Launchpad by including this in your commit command: --fixes lp:bugnumber

  3. Then push your commit to the common branch by running

    bzr push lp:~ubuntu-core-doc/ubuntu-docs/name_of_branch

We recommend that members use the concept of Bound Branches so that the bzr commit command sends your changes directly to the appropriate branch on Launchpad. That will avoid the need for step 3 above. You can bind a branch by running

bzr bind lp:~ubuntu-core-doc/ubuntu-doc/name_of_branch

For more information about using bound branches, see the bzr website.

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