About Me

I am Douglas Flores Nicaragua official member of the Ubuntu Nicaragua Local Team. I'm Electronic Engineer, my current job is university teacher(Universidad Nacional Antonoma de Nicaragua- UNAN), my professional profile is web design, administration of Linux servers and fascinates me the IP telephony.

I joined the group in December 2007 and since my incorporation has been a pleasure to share experiences in the group. We are a group that supports society and encourage the use of free software in our country.


  • Part of the Ubuntu Nicaragua Team Community Council
  • Assistance in the organization of events FLOSS, for ex FLISOL2008, Linux Tour

  • Giving conferences about Telephony IP in II Congress University of the National Council of Universities (CNU) in December 2007
  • Courses taught on ubuntu in the city of Esteli(May 2008).
  • Eventually suport in #ubuntu-ni IRC channel and mailing list.

Contact Information

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