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About Me

I've started using Ubuntu as my desktop and server linux of choice since around Dapper Drake was released. My history with Linux began around 1995 with Redhat Linux, which I quickly outgrew. Since then, I have tried several distributions from SuSE, Mandrake, Fedora, Debian, Gentoo, Slackware, CentOS, and so on. I try to know a little about each of them, so I can be as effective as possible when helping others.

My full experience with Linux on a technical side comes from a project I worked on for myself. I called it flashpoint firewall, and sold units to companies needing a multi-interface firewall device capable of VPN links between sites. For that project, I collected a host of kernel and application patches, wrote my own init scripts from the ground up, utilized Busybox heavily, and compiled everything against uClibc to minimize the device's footprint. I'd like to restart that project some day, but for now I find myself too busy.

Currently, I run Ubuntu on two laptops at home, two PCs at home (one acts as a server, the other as a media center), my desktop at work (amd64), and three servers at work. I run the default Gnome window manager on them all (except the servers, obviously), but I have been a hard-core KDE advocate in the past. I find Gnome to have a very simple UI design, which keeps it from distracting me or getting in my way.

My aspiration for now is to help out with the MOTU group doing some packaging. I feel I need to contribute as much as possible to the Ubuntu community, simply because of what Ubuntu has meant to me. I have not owned a Windows license for any PC I own or use on a daily basis in over three years, and Ubuntu has been the best part of that.


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