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About Me

I'm Clement Mahlangu also known by the nick of DraZoro. I live in South Africa right in Gauteng province then deep within Pretoria. I am busy doing my BSc (Computer Science) in UNISA, I have just started the course last year July (2010).

My love for computers started long time time ago though I only owned my first computer in the year 2005. I come from commercial field as I was doing Accounting Science but again it was a nightmare for me. Then I discovered linux around 2007 since that time I was just a linux user, until I gained interest to start contributing my first distro to use was Fedora 8.

I spend my spare time playing computer games even though that time is fading. I assist learners around my area with mathematics as teaching is my favourite hobby. I also take photographs on occassions.

Team Memberships

Ubuntu South African Ubuntu Team {#ubuntu-za }

Future Plans & Projects

Getting my degree in Computer Science is my top priority in my career. Along this journey I will love to gain more practical experience. I have a top interest when it comes to bug tracking, testing and documentation for Ubuntu.

Contributions to the Ubuntu Community

I have started to volunteer on UWN (Ubuntu Weekly News), my first contribution was on Issue 225.


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