About Me

I'm from Beijing, China, and I have been worked as a consultant of PacificoSoftware in UK. In this year, I created and released two softwares on Ubuntu. One is "Ubuntu Dock", Another one is "Sticky Notes". They are all written by C & Gtk3. They are not for sale, so very cheap and published the source, too. I customized the metacity to works as Compiz on Precise. Also fixed some bugs of Precise. For example, I fixed an memory leak error for System Settings/Sound module of Precise. I like to develop software and fix any bugs.

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  • Ubuntu Dock 2015.

  • Sticky Notes 2015.

  • Good questions & answers on AskUbuntu 2014-2015

  • Metacity window manager's effects named as wave and scale, but not committed yet 2015.
  • Patch to fix memory leak problem of the Sound module of System Settings on Precise, but not committed yet 2015.
  • Python script to full copy remote ubuntu repository.

Future Goals

I hope to contribute for Ubuntu, Open source and Linux to make Ubuntu to the first Desktop & Tablet OS in the world. I also hope to more deeply enter the Ubuntu community.


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I've interacted with Pingping from time to time on askubuntu.com since summer of 2015 and tried the Ubuntu Dock that she developed. The dock she developed has polished look and is minimalistic, so it's apparent she's a very decent as developer. She has progressed on askubuntu site quite decently during 2014, as evident from her answer there.

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