My name is Dulmandakh Sukhbaatar and from Mongolia. I've been using Linux on daily basis from 2004, and Ubuntu since 2006 or from the beginning. I'm leader of Mongolian Linux User Group named LiMNux (http://www.limnux.net).

Contributions to Ubuntu

In 2006 me and some of my friends opened Official Ubuntu Mirror Server (releases and archive) in Mongolia to provide faster release download, package installation and updating. Now, it's one big reason people choose Ubuntu above other distros. Since 2003, I've been part of GNOME localization team, and in 2007 I joined Ubuntu Server team. I worked on translation, testing, bug reporting, bug fixing, packaging. I attended UDS-Jaunty and UDS-Karmic. As a part of our local community work I've been maintaining all the infrastructure that supports our community and writing various documentations on http://wiki.limnux.net.

Future plan

  • work to develop local Linux community, through organizing events and writing documentations, blogs
  • interested in packaging, and maintainership
  • testing

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