Community Council


  • "Stichting Ondersteuning Ubuntu-NL" (Foundation Support Ubuntu-NL) is allowed to use resources for making t-shirts to generate income.

Executed action point

  • A first draft of the script for the community council elections has been presented.
  • Ubuntu Nederland has been registered for reapproval at 21 February 8:00 pm Dutch time.
  • The reapproval page has been updated.

Promotion Team

An agreement has been reached with HCC about the organisation of a release party. From the foundation, two people were present at the conference on the isle of Texel.

Forum Team

Running affairs settled, no further peculiarities.

Web Team

This month, the buttons on the website were replaced again by links because of the preferences of the Artwork Team and the accessibility of the website. Besides that, the default things, mostly 'Ubuntero of the month'.

Source: http://wiki.ubuntu-nl.org/community/Meetings/Meeting20120210/VoortgangTeams


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