Community Council

The Community Council has discussed the progress of the organisation of the LTS release party. The progress is cause for concern and action has to be taken. Besides that, some running affairs were handled.

Ubuntu Nederland Mwanzo

Mwanzobot has now been relocated to the community server. Soon we will start again with the workshops HTML and terminal usages. JFL is ready and has found its way to the internationl Ubuntu community via the Planet.

Artwork Team

Further refining of the forum theme.

Promotion Team

The Ubuntu Global Jam didn't happen because of a lack of volunteers at TCCN, where the jam would have taken place.

Forum Team

Handled running affairs. The team has obtained access to the testing server.

Management Team

A transitional site has been set up based on Drupal to replace the current The website is functioning and is currently being filled by the webteam. The site will be made available to everyone ss soon as it is somewhat ready, so it can be tested further.

The forum has been updated to the newest 1.x release of SMF. The transition to SMF 2 is still undergoing testing.

Web Team

Has received information about the new site.



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