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Entrepreneur, owner of "Alisia Comunicação e Design" company that uses only free software and focuses on graphic arts, technology consultant and expert in color management for print, internet and wireless networks. Acts in the dissemination of the Free Software Movement, focusing on Ubuntu, Gimp and Inkscape, since 2009 Keeps personal blog coquinha.com.br where in addition to his personal life, writes about his greatest passion, Free Software and Open Source. I am LoCo Team leader Ubuntu-BR-SP and member of Ubuntu-BR

My first experience with Linux was on Conectiva Guarani in 1998, been migrating to Ubuntu in 2008. After that, I became involved in the community and take the Ubuntu philosophy in my life and wherever I go.

Contact Information

Contributions at events

  • Gnuteco 2010 - Speaker and organizer

  • Flisol 2011, 2012, 2013 - Speaker and organizer

  • Week of technology Microcamp 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 - Speaker

  • Ubuntu Day 2013, 2014 - Speaker and organizer

  • Conisli 2012 - Speaker

  • V Ensolunesp 2013 Speaker

  • Seccomp Unesp 2013, 2014 - Speaker

  • Secomp UFScar 2014 - Speaker
  • Week of technology IFSP 2014 - Speaker

Future Goals

  • Continue supporting and helping Brazilian Ubuntu users;
  • Continue writing posts about Ubuntu on blog;
  • Continue the local distribution of CDs (now sent to LoCo teams) and ISO images;

  • Make LoCo Team Ubuntu-BR-SP a better group and bring more peoples to the team;

  • Continue Ubuntu leading to more people and organizations;
  • Continue organizing future editions of the Ubuntu Day arround my country;


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