Publish Available Apps

We need to publish what apps are available with Edubuntu


  • stuff in Main/Restricted
    • stuff on the CDs
  • stuff in Universe/Multiverse
  • This is not every package but at least applications that are relevant to Edubuntu (e.g. OOo, Moodle, KdeEdu etc.) so could span categories.


  • on
  • with info on how to get it (off CD, g-a-i, etc)
  • notes (warning?) on installing 3rd party apps not in repository

Should be done once for each supported release only. Development releases are in state of flux so is difficult to publish.

Done by querying seed files for the distribution and cross-referencing with g-a-i data from mvo's script.

Build Application Database/Review Process

This is a two-fold process:

  1. Community Application Database
    • where the community can suggest, query, vote on, vet for, comment on or review software for Edubuntu
    • is handled in the new education community space
  2. Edubuntu Application Review Process
    • where the Edubuntu developers can process a shortlist of applications for
      • review for deciding whether to go for promoting to Main (and write a Main Inclusion Report)
      • review for inclusion on the 2nd CD (must be in Main to do so)
      • feeding info to the MOTUs about suggestions for Universe/Multiverse
    • is handled in the Edubuntu developers space

Essentially, the Community App Database feeds application suggestions into Edubuntu App Review Process.

  • This is a manual process (perhaps semi-automatic in future)
  • so that we can still insert our own known and trusted shortlists into the Edubuntu App Review Process as we wish (at least to start off with).
  • at the beginning of each release development cycle we will populate the Edubuntu App Review Process Queues with info retrieved from the Community App Database

Community Application Database

Needs to be specced. See winehq appDB for an example.

Edubuntu Application Review Process

Specced at

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