This is the planning page for Edubuntu documentation, both content and procedures.


A new suggestion has been made to use Recipes, much like the MOTU recipes. The idea being that Edubuntu members can be asked to write a recipe for practically anything, e.g.:

  • recording their Edubuntu lab setup
  • best practices
  • notes on using a piece of software
  • LTSP setup
  • applicability of FLOSS for education

This is being seen as the best way to capture user documentation and feedback for the handbook, help wiki, yelp (TBH) etc.

There are a number of options for using and presenting this information. We need to decide on a procedure.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3


LTSP is not Edubuntu specific, it pertains to Ubuntu as well.

An LTSP section should be made for TBH in Ubuntu. Edubuntu specific LTSP options can then either appear in the Handbook or in the Handbook and Edubuntu TBH sections (depending on recipe planning procedure)

FAQ is for capturing common questions out of the mailing lists and IRC channels. It is mainly a reference for short answers to common questions but can be used for skimming information into other formal documents.

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