The Edubuntu Handbook is a culmination of work by many people brought together in order to help the new Edubuntu user with their standalone or thin-client system.

Aim of the Handbook

The Handbook intends to be a guide and reference for new users, experienced users and administrators looking to install, configure or utilise their Edubuntu system to it's full potential.

The Handbook is not intended to "reinvent the wheel" so specific Ubuntu documentation will be covered in the Ubuntu documentation (currently in a TopicBasedHelp structure) and upstream projects like Gnome.

The Handbook, therefore, looks only to:

  • compliment the existing documentation for non-technical or inexperienced users
  • act as a reference or guide for people looking to install or configure Edubuntu

Intended Audience

The Handbook is intended to serve:

  • Educators looking to install Edubuntu in their schools
  • Administrators looking to set up an LTSP environment using Edubuntu
  • People with basic ICT skills looking to use Edubuntu in an educational environment

In general, the Handbook will assume that the reader has a basic understanding of ICT, but is not skilled in using Linux, LTSP or the relevant Open Source tools and applications supplied with Edubuntu.

Contributing to the Handbook

If you are interested in helping out with the Edubuntu Handbook you are encouraged to contact the Ubuntu Documentation Project at <ubuntu-doc@lists.ubuntu.com> and read their wiki page. The Handbook is created in DocBook XML and stored in a Subversion (SVN) repository.

There are still many sections available for adoption as well as every section is in need of proofreading as well as extra content. To see the current state of the Edubuntu Handbook you can view it at http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/edubuntu/handbook/C/.


The planning pages for the Edubuntu Handbook will look at a general overview of:

  • what is inside it
  • what needs to be inside it
  • how far the sections have progressed
  • who is working on what

Please feel free to contribute to these sections or to the structure and outline of the sections. However, before making large or drastic changes, we ask that you confer with the Documentation Team first.

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