Edubuntu & Launchpad

  • "Launchpad is a collection of services for products in the open source universe. You can register your product, then collaborate with the open source community on translations, bug tracking and code."

    Warning /!\ This page, and the sub-pages linked from it, assumes the reader is familiar with the Launchpad concepts of teams, projects, products, distributions, translations, bugs, blueprints and support tickets.

    (i) The help pages for Launchpad are hosted on with the FAQ at We urge you to be familiar with the Launchpad documentation.

Edubuntu is built on Ubuntu which is registered within Launchpad. Launchpad offers a wide range of services to maintaining the distribution and its related projects and products. These include working in teams and contributing to projects and products.

The following pages will try to give an overview of how Edubuntu fits into Launchpad:

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