Google Hangouts

None currently scheduled, we're still figuring out how we want to do this.

Ubuntu Developer Summit

The next Ubuntu Developer Summit is scheduled for 29 October to 1 November. Find more information on the UDS website:

Monthly Team Meeting

7 December 2012, 15:30 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting. (10:30 Eastern time US, 16:30 Central European/African)

Note: This is an open meeting, you are welcome to add agenda items. Please add your IRC nickname after your item so that we know who to poke when it comes to that part of the meeting.

  • Development Updates
  • Project / Community
    • Co-operation with other projects
      • Debian-Edu/Skolelinux
      • Kubuntu: Tablet stuff/KDE-edu
      • Zentyal
    • Events
      • Bug Day
      • Google Hangouts
    • Website
      • Check if everything is working (WebLive, Deployments, etc)

      • Check bug list on website
  • Other stuff?

Edubuntu Council

The Edubuntu Council will review candidates or developers at the Edubuntu meeting. To apply, please add yourself to the list below and attend the next meeting. Note that the same rules as in Ubuntu apply. Please try to add yourself a week in advance of the meeting, we usually make an effort to ensure quorum when we know that there are applicants.

  • Insert your name here

The Edubuntu Council also resolves deadlocks when it comes to technical and community decisions in our community. Add agenda items for that here.


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